Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a powerful post from Nathalie L of France

The two new comfort dolls from Christine of France learned of the Comfort Doll Project from a post on Nathalie's blog. I was browsing blogs and scrolled down on Nathalie's blog to find this post which made me cry,yet made me see how black and white abuse is. Be prepared for the truth. Scroll to the bottom and view several videos from You tube if you want to see reality for some women like the ones we give a token of love to through the comfort dolls.

It gives me more reason to spread the word about the Comfort Doll project, to make others more aware of the problem of abuse and to show the recipients of our dolls, who are fortunate to make the step to get to a shelter and change their lives and say, "I've had enough, I want to live".

Thank you Nathalie for this rude awakening this morning. I wish I could hide a magical key to a new life inside every doll I ship out. I can only keep positive thoughts in knowing women who receive our dolls knows there is something out there greater for her and she knows women support her decision to go forward and find it.

My heart aches for those who can't find the strength or supporting advice to get out. I wish there were commercials for abusive situations like there are commercials for car sales. Maybe then this would allow others to know this happens in every neighborhood,behind polished golden doors and broken wooden screen doors alike. Most domestic abuse takes place without neighbors or even family knowing about it in fear of the victims life. Fear from a coward who can only control by force,not intellect.

With Thanksgiving just passing, I can say I am so very thankful for having such women spend their time thinking of those who need our support and encouragement. The dolls may be silly to some,not worth the time to others,but to the maker and recipient,and to me, it means so very much more. Thank you all and may you continued to be blessed.


Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

Merci Pat, il faut continuer et nous continuerons.
Je vous embrasse

belle said...

Hi Pat

Here in Australia we do have ads that talk about abuse ... nothing explicit, but things like men saying 'it was just a slap, shake, shout etc, she knows she deserved it', then the big loud message that this is abuse and against the law.

Or women saying 'he beats me up, but what can I do', then the message about what she can do.

I'm not sure what impact they have on viewers, do people just tune out? I think though if just one woman is affected positively, then they've done their job.

I love your project, and your big warm heart, and plan to make and send a doll...soon :)